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2014 Smithsonian Folklife Festival in Washington DC – Kenya and China




RE: 2014 Smithsonian Folklife Festival
Equity bank has proudly sponsored this year’s edition of the Smithsonian Folklife Festival-Kenya Mambo Poa program in Washington DC USA where Kenya culture, Music and heritage is being show cased alongside China. This is a great opportunity for Kenyans in the USA to visit and show support for fellow Kenyans exhibiting our culture, music, arts and craft at the global stage. Over 1.5 Million visitors attend the festival which is currently taking place between the 25th of June to the 6th of July 2014. Equity bank has also set up an information desk attended to by staff from Nairobi, to advice customers on our various Diaspora banking services as well as investments back home. We can be found on the address below which is about 300m from the exhibitions; We are opening accounts, internet banking, and advising on loan processes.
EQUITY USA TEAMDC 082 DC 094 DC 095 DC 098 Physical location: Holiday inn Capitol by Smithsonian Museums, US Capital and L’Enfant Plaza 550 C Street – SW Washington D.C USA Tel: Peter-816-590-3077 * Kezia- 571-484-3449 * James -571-484-3272 *Numbers valid for the period of the Festival There will also be a trade and investment conference organized by the Kenya mission in the USA coordinated by the ambassador the Ambassador. Details can be found Come join us and let us show case Kenya, to the world




Mambo Poa

Kenya is a country of deeply rooted traditions and a vibrant cultural crossroads. Some of the oldest artifacts of human communities have been discovered in Kenya, making the East African country truly a cradle of humanity.

Today, it is a dynamic nation that links its prehistoric past to new cultural expressions in a land of great environmental contrasts. Kenya’s diverse landscapes—stretching from snow-capped mountains to the Great Rift Valley, from deserts to lakes, vast savannahs, lush forests, and a sparkling coast—are reflected in the rich diversity of the Kenyan people and their traditions.

Occurring just after the fiftieth anniversary of Kenya’s independence from the British Empire, the Kenya: Mambo Poa program will present the ways in which the people of Kenya are balancing protection of their valued cultural and natural heritage with the challenges and opportunities for change in the twenty-first century.program

Festival visitors will be able to interact with exemplary craftspeople who work with everything from clay to soapstone to recycled materials, learn about important fossil discoveries by taking part in a model dig site from the Great Rift Valley, run with Kenya’s Olympic athletes, dance to both traditional and contemporary music from many regions of the country, discover how Kenyans live among and work with some of the most magnificent wildlife on the continent, and experience Kenyan life in the United States.

All of this will take place in venues and spaces that reflect the creative and dynamic experiences of the Kenyan people, whether they live in urban or rural, coastal or inland environments.

This program is produced in partnership with the Government of Kenya Ministry of Sports, Culture and the Arts.


Celebrations of Madaraka Day and Book Launch in St. Louis


Madarak Day Celebrations. Mr. Kirika signing the book for Mr. Tony

The weekend of June 14th was marked as the Jamhuri Day by the Kenyans in the state Missouri-St. Louis when the Kenyans of all walks of life met at JKF community Centre to commemorate in style, the first year after Golden Jubilee. It was the first time such an event was held where pastors, elders, workers and businessmen participated some adorned with traditional ligalia and ready to hear of gains earned since independence. Kenyan National Anthem was played with standing ovation. The children enjoyed their favourite face paintings, enjoyed music, dance and a taste of African delicacies. The guest speaker was Mr. Boniface Gitau of New Vision Publishing Services who lives in Ohio. In his speech he talked about social, economic and philanthropy opportunities in Kenya.   When many Kenyans are complaining about poverty, insecurity and unemployment, others are busy creating big fortunes in Kenya.

“Recent documentary on real estate shows that Nairobi and Mombasa are among the top cities in the world leading in real estate growth. Research also shows that there are many foreign investors in real estate in Kenya than in previous years” said Mr. Boniface. He challenged Kenyans in Diaspora to focus in making a difference in Kenya by initiating projects focusing in Education, healthcare and community empowerment Kenyans witnessed the launching of a book by a Kenyan author Samuel G. kirika, titled “Kenya before the Golden Jubilee” which narrates the history of Kenya since the first millennium. It gives a chronological order of events as they happened including the Colonial Governors who ruled at the dates when such events took place.  Of interest is how Kenyans governed themselves even before the Imperial British Government acquired the colony after the Berlin Conference of 1885.  Kenya had local and tribal governments, constitutions, courts and legal processes which determined cases after strenuous hearing and though there were no prisons to jail culprits, due process to determine the disputes was done by council of elders whose judgements were binding. Tribal armies protected Wananchi and were called upon to defend the latter against enemies. The book describes how leadership started from grassroots where the father was considered the president and represents his family in clan meetings, a group of fathers met to elect one of them to represent them at various levels up to national level. The Book narrates the process used to snatch Uhuru from the British Government and by extension the Queen of England. This book is available online at for only $23 per copy.


William Ruto Speech at Madaraka day celebrations

Uhuru Kenyatta: The government has raised revenue allocation to county governments

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