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VIDEO: Kenyan traditional dancers steal show at US fete


Kenyans, their familis, friends of Kenya and other Christians came from all corners of Georgia to participate and or attend this year’s fete.

Every year, Kenyans living in the South Eastern region of the United States get together to showcase their culture through performing arts and cultural exposition.

“The standards in this year’s performances are very high,” said Mr Chege Maina, one of the adjudicators of this year’s festival.

“Through drama, these people are telling us about themselves, the successes and challenges they face as immigrants and they do it so creatively,” added Mr Maina, who has attended all the shows since the festival began in 2007.

The festival, which is spread out through the year, features plays, poetry, traditional dances, fashion show and a cultural exhibition.

“It is a clear testament that despite being far away from our motherland, we haven’t lost cognisance of the fact that our society is a beautiful cultural mosaic,” he said.

The event closes this Sunday April 26th at 3pm when the winners will be announced.


Rev Dr. Patrick Karanja and Dorcas Ndambuki at Christ Covenant Church



[VIDEO] Moipei sisters sing US national anthem at NBA playoff game


Three members of the Kenyan sibling singing group Moipiei Quartet on Sunday sang the United States national anthem at an NBA playoff game between 2014 NBA Champions San Antonio Spurs and Los Angeles Clippers.

Three sisters, Mary, Magdalene and Marta performed in front of an estimated 18,000 fans at One AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas


Row over Planned US Poll Centres for Kenyans


Major political parties have differed over a decision by the government to open more consulates which may be used as polling centres by Kenyans in the US in 2017.

Cord Sunday opposed the decision to open more consulates, saying it was meant to tilt the vote in favour of President Kenyatta.

Cord leaders vowed to reject any proposal that does not take their views on board.

ODM chairman John Mbadi Sunday said the government should not be the one to determine where the polling stations will be located.

“It is clear that our competitors want to control the diaspora vote and are turning themselves into referees. It is a clear indication that the Jubilee administration wants to use the diaspora vote to rig theelection, which we should reject early enough,” he said.

Wiper secretary-general Hassan Omar said IndependentElectoral and Boundaries Commission should involve parties which have an interest in the diaspora vote to establish how voting structures would be put up without disadvantaging some and benefiting others.

“We are extremely concerned that IEBC has lost all credibility in neutrality, they are conniving to facilitate polling centres to serve as an advantage to the government,” he said.

However, Jubilee Alliance Party vice-chairman David Murathe said the reaction from the opposition was a sign of panic.

He noted that any decision made concerning the diaspora vote would have to be anchored in law. “I will ask these people to stop panicking, a lot will have to be put into it. These are the same fellows who have been urging the government to make provisions for diaspora voting,” he said.


Currently, there are about two million votes in the diaspora, which major political parties have an eye on as the vote could tilt the balance in elections.

Yesterday, it emerged that the IEBC was not consulted or involved in the plan to open the new consulates.

IEBC chief executive officer Ezra Chiloba told Nation that the commission was not consulted by the government on the matter.

He, however, said IEBC was working out modalities on how to involve the diaspora in the 2017 elections.

Mr Chiloba noted that political parties and other players would be consulted before a decision is made.

“So far we have not had that discussion on whatever process we will have to undertake. When we are ready, we are going to consult them on the best way forward,” he said.

He went on: “In so far as we are concerned, it has to be an inclusive process involving political parties and stakeholders so that we don’t have issues of bias.”

While addressing a meeting of Kenyans in Los Angeles on Saturday, Foreign AffairsCabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed said the government is in the process of opening five consulates across the US to serve them better and facilitate voting in the 2017 General Election.

She said consuls for Dallas, Boston, Minneapolis and Chicago would soon be appointed while the choice of Seattle for a consulate awaits formal approval.

At the same time, Kenyan ambassador to the US Robinson Githae told a gathering of Kenyans in Maryland that the governmenthad chosen several major cities in the United States to be polling centres for the next General Election.

He mentioned Dallas, Texas, Boston, Massachusetts, Atlanta, Georgia, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Seattle, Washington as polling stations, setting off a debate on the criteria used to select the centres.



Let’s Talk Family: Demystifying Diaspora Marriage Myths


Marriage is the only war where you sleep with the enemy” screamed a car sticker. “Marriage starts when she sinks into his arms and end with her arms in his sink” read another one. Memorable quotes, these ones, if only the grim statistics of marriages on life support or worse could tell a different story. Theories abound as to why thriving happy marriages are such a mirage, especially for many African (read Kenyan) immigrants here in America. I have lost count of the number of young, vivacious and confident adults who tell me “there is nobody to marry in Dallas”- really?

Why has the art of finding a spouse here in Dallas and elsewhere become so elusive? What are these special skills that are needed today to get and keep a husband or a wife in this big city of ours? Well, at the risk of opening a Pandora’s Box, i opine that no special skills are needed, just a change of attitude. I know too that a long happy thriving marriage is also a reasonable expectation and feat easily achieved. Indulge me a little and you will see why and how.

First, marriage really works if both husband and wife commit to make it work. Let’s face it, our grandparents stayed married because they decided to, not because their challenges were less serious. Quitting has become such an easy option in our generation that it is a secret weapon spouses yield against each other whenever problems arise in a marriage. God’s grace is always available, but our pride often gets in the way. In marriage, you don’t have to go halfway, to meet your spouse in the middle-you go all the way! Two people standing on opposite sides will never meet until one or both walk the distance between them. I can recall times (hope my wife is not reading this) when there has been a small disagreement, followed by a few days of silence (silent-treatment the sisters are very good at) and eventually neither of us can really remember why we are not talking to each other! Sometimes we have just looked at each other and busted into laughter. Human pride is so costly. Can you swallow (or better still digest) your pride and save the marriage?

Second, there are many healthy marriages that are working great. Mine is! I think many marriages are bleeding and hurting because of lopsided expectations and goals. Happiness should never be a goal in marriage. I have not seen it anywhere in the Bible. Happiness in marriage is a by-product of a healthy marriage, not a goal. Every healthy marriage becomes a happy one, so don’t shoot for happiness but for health. Formula? Husbands learn to really love and wives learn to really respect, as the Scriptures teach in Ephesians 5:22-25. A man’s greatest need is not love but respect. Sisters, don’t put your men down even if you are earning twice what they earn and brothers love your wives the way they want to be loved.

I want our marriages to thrive, not just survive. We can arrest the negative trends of marriages going south. We can do something. “As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend” (Proverbs 27:17) A group of friends have decided to come together and form a fellowship with a singular purpose of enriching our marriages here in Dallas through meeting once in three months to encourage one another, pray for our marriages and just share ideas.This group, called DALLAS MEG (Marriage Enrichment Group) is open to any couples wishing to strengthen their marriage. The group is not affiliated to any church or political party. (If interested, You can text 214-690-4545 or write to

Let’s thrive. Let’s demystify marriage.

Finally, i want to invite you to come and worship with us every Sunday @ 11:00 am- International Christian Center 2011 West Spring Creek Pkwy, PLANO TX 75023 (suite 650)

Pastor Patrick.  214-690-4545

Pastor Patrick Kariuki is the Pastor at  International Christian Center 2011 West Spring Creek Pkwy, PLANO TX 75023 (suite 650) and also a contributor.  He will be contributing this brand new column for our readers. He will be addressing family issues hence this family centered column.

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