St. Louis Kids Expo Events & Activities -May 2nd 2015

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The St. Louis Kids Expo empowered, educated and entertained over 1,500 children and parents last year. This year we will raise the level of awareness, reshape our community’s attitudes and have access to resources to inspire individuals to take action.

The theme for the 2015 Expo is:

The St. Louis Kids Expo will bring families together and make them stronger by having workshops, vendors, and speakers that address issues such as positive images, balancing life, work and family, education, managing stress, support resources, child abuse/neglect, divorce, communication, legal matters, technology and creating a legacy within the family and much more.
Parents are working part-time, full-time or multiple jobs. We are constantly worried about our finances. It’s important that we teach our children the principals of money management. We will focus on educating
parents and children regarding credit, saving, expenses, needs, wants, budgeting, discipline/sacrifice, business, insurance, being a smart consumer, retirement, investment and many other tools to have a wealthy life.
Fitness is important for an everyday healthy lifestyle. Having the proper well-balanced meals daily with exercise will help you live a long, healthy life. The expo will empower and offer families with information
on nutrition, calorie monitoring, obesity, healthcare screenings, fitness demonstrations, healthy food selections and setting goals for a healthy life.


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