St Louis Celebrates Geoffrey Sankale Soyiantet aka ‘Connection 33’ 


Several  Kenyans gathered together on Sunday  May 17, 2015 in an occasion known as ‘CELEBRATE’ to celebrate one of their own, Mr. Geoffrey Sankale Soyiantet popularly known as ‘Connection 33.’ Mr Soyiantet has been identified as one of the most outstanding and selfless member of the St Louis Community. Mr. Soyiantet aka  ‘Connection 33′  has a business on Cargo bay where he majors in Sales and Marketing of all Kenyan services.


“What Geoffrey has done no one person or group has done.” Said one of the guest called Mr.Kirika. Everyone who was present endorsed this message. ”Geoffrey is a selfless man who respects and interacts with all. You will find him running around with kids and the next time he is story telling with the elderly.  He mentors, coaches and encourages the youth to reach their highest potential.” Many people praised him for his level of trust. New resident to Saint Louis, Mr. Samuel Mwangi  praised  Geoffrey and said he has become a stepping stone to new residents  and helps them settle.

 Susan Gitema was emotional when she shared how Geoffrey has assisted her and her colleagues with various needs without complaining or getting tired. Speaking on behalf of the elderly who in St Louis are called the ‘Group Nine’ Susan said that Geoffrey is the kind of a person one knows for sure he will answer your call with a smile even at the wee hours of the night to send money or load airtime to call Kenya.

 Agatha Kinuthia I9, a college student and studying to be a gynecologist,  represented the youth and students. She expressed her gratitude to Geoffrey and said that he has been a great resource and a mentor. She told the gathering that Geoffrey  offers opportunities for youth to develop leadership and accumulate community service thus  making it easy to qualify for college scholarship.


The ceremony was held at Geoffrey’s  residence where he was honored with various gift, prayers and words of appreciation. He was also honored with a gift certificate with all the signatories of those present.Visiting preacher Bishop Chege in his word of encouragement (Roman 13:6-7) told the crowd to honor people when they are ‘due’ not when they are ‘past due’. He said that the deeds of Geoffrey resembled those of a good man in the bible called Cornelius.

All the people in the gathering commended his wife Purity. Behind every successful man there is a strong and encouraging woman.  Purity has been the pillar holding Geoffrey and their two beautiful girls. Everybody affirmed that Purity is an understanding woman and a great help to the husband. Geoffrey is married to Purity and they have two children –Abbieand Soila.

CELEBRATE  is a movement that was formed by Jane Gichane and Zellipah Githui of St Louis in 2011  with the ultimate purpose to appreciate individuals who touch and influence lives of other people. In most cases as Kenyans we usually appreciate people and tell of what they have done or how they have touched our lives when they are either in great need or in their memorial services. CELEBRATE was formed to appreciate people when they are still alive and energetic and in so doing that motivates them to continue doing better. CELEBRATE does not celebrate already designated leaders or appointed leaders of organization, but rather focuses on leaders withouttitles who reach out to the community. The closing statement from the founders was CELEBRATE never ends. Everyday you have an opportunity to celebrate someone and tell them thank you for all they do.Why don’t you pick up your phone today and call Geoffrey and other people who have touched your lives and just let them know?

Article written by : Jane Gichane and Zellipah Githui


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