Landmark of Legends’ follows new bridge Timeline


ST. LOUIS – Building up from the Mississippi River to its peaks, the Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge has taken hundreds of workers, millions of dollars and four years of construction before opening in February.

The Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge spans the mighty Mississippi River, just north of downtown St. Louis. It’s the city’s first new bridge built over the river in 50 years.

KSDK photographer Jim Tuxbury documented the great and tragic moments that came to pass, which aired in the documentary, Landmark of Legends, Thursday evening.

Tuxbury introduced viewers to the men who helped create the third largest cable-stayed bridge in the country. He also showcased how before a piece of concrete could be set, an archaeological dig and construction on the river’s bed floor had to be done.

St. Louis has a long history of bridges, including the almost 200-year-old Eads Bridge that connects Missouri and Illinois. When a bridge of this magnitude gets constructed, all of its connecting pieces have to get there somehow. Also find out how some of the work for the bridge happens miles away.



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