When the sun sets tomorrow, First Lady Margaret Kenyatta is expected to have accomplished a lifetime feat of conquering the London Marathon circuit and being the first ever First Lady to do so.

It’s a culmination of two months of get-ready-for it that has thrust the erstwhile publicity-shy Mrs Kenyatta into the news at home and around the world.

Despite her family’s high profile, Mrs Kenyatta has succeeded in keeping away from the prodding public eye, preferring to lead a quiet, reserved and behind-the-scenes life away from the glare of cameras and insatiable curiosity of prying journalists.

But it was never going to be easy to maintain such privacy for long — not when she is the daughter-in-law of Kenya’s founding President and wife of the country’s fourth President.It would also not have gone entirely under wraps when she elected to take up marathon running for the sake of giving Kenya’s beleaguered medical system a shot in the arm.

Mrs Kenyatta now thrusts herself into full global glare from 10.30a.m. (Kenyan time) when she lines up at London’s famous Greenwich Park at the start of the 42.195km London Marathon in which she is running to raise funds for her “Beyond Zero” campaign that seeks to eliminate preventable maternal and early childhood deaths.

As time goes by, Kenyans are getting to know their First Lady, an alumnus of Nairobi’s prestigious Kianda School, who has passionately taken to raising funds for the purchase of 47 mobile clinics to augment the country’s over-stretched, bed-ridden healthcare infrastructure. – Daily Nation


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