Sadden death of Hannah Ngatia.


On Friday Ben and Rachelle shared the joyous occasion of the birth of their daughter Hannah Ngatia. The 5% chance of survival she beat! She was born healthy, came out crying, had a strong suck reflex, and was breastfeeding an hour after birth. She defeated all the odds against her! Hannah was a little warrior, strong, and determined. Yesterday, her short life came to an end after she had to have emergency surgery for a perforated bowel. Hannah is with Jesus now. Please take a moment out of your busy day with picnics & celebrations to read the words from Hannah’s father, Ben and to spend a few moments in prayer for this couple my family calls family. … Nicole Kifk

It is with great sadness to say that our lovely girl Hannah Jane Ngatia went to be with the Lord. At this moment Rochelle and I are so heart broken. As we lay in the hospital bed and try to figure out what just happened. You see Hannah beat all the odds just for her life to be sniffed away from us with something so unexpected, it had no medical ties to Rochelle’s membrane rupture at 15 weeks or her being born premature. It’s ironic that the doctors said “we see this case about once a year and its about 1/50000 babies would go through this.” In short at some point her bowels flipped on themselves restricting blood flow to the majority of her small and large intestine causing over 80% to 90% damage. Despite western medical intervention it was the hardest decision as a husband and a father to let your baby girl leave so soon to be with the Lord and to have to hold your wife and son and remember the 2 months of hospital stay giving Hannah the best chance. It is so painful not being able to give life to someone that you would die for. It is painful to have to lay to rest the one person that gave you so much hope in life, made me wake up every morning and also beat the odds of the world as an immigrant. You see. I was able to rise above every single challenge that was thrown my way the last few months, was able to confront injustice, was able to raise my head up and fight for those that were underprivileged, was able to battle racism, and prejudice. All this for I knew I had a daughter that was beating all the medical statistics. Hannah was given a 5% chance to survive at 16 weeks. After she beat those odds we were told she probably would not survive due to lungs development (just to let you know she was born crying and had the loudest cry in the NICU especially when you attempted to change her diaper). She beat the odds. In the first 10 min of her life she already had a sucking reflex, in an hour of her life she began to breastfeed yet again something that has not been expected especially with the cards she had been dealt.

I feel very empty, sad and confused. Despite all the theological training and time in ministry it is hard to understand the faith my wife and I have in God. However it is that faith and promises of eternity that continues to carry us through these time. Hannah was a trooper that beat all the odds that was medically against her and for that we are humbled, encouraged and very honored to be the vessel God used to bring her to this world and enjoy her for 2 days. Rochelle and I grieve deeply however as we lay in bed with unending tears we can’t wait to see the seeds that grow from what Hannah Jane Ngatia planted in this world the few days she was with us. For know pause my thoughts. Here is so far what God has spoken to me….

*Learn to re-Love what God has blessed you with. I am not talking about material things (for that shall also wither) I am talking about life…those around you including your family, spouse and children. If you are a believer in Christ and are committed to the church, make those relationships deeper, open yourself to confessing to one another, empowering one another, forgiving one another and loving one another, get deeper with each other and walk life together without getting weary from each other. Hannah showed us strength and gave as strength.

*Leaders: Learn to lead through empowering others. Be the kind of leader that’s always willing to lose their position by teaching, training, equipping and empowering others to be even greater that themselves.

*Learn to see and identify true beauty. We tend to confuse true beauty with stuff (iphone, TV’s, cars houses, jobs). Learn to see and identify true beauty. As I looked into Hannah’s eyes as she took her last breathe in this world I saw and recognized true beauty. I begin to relearn this by looking into my wife eyes, and my son eyes. God has given us beauty. Learn to stop (in our busy lives) and look into the eyes of what God has blessed you with. (If you don’t have eyes to look at call me and will look at each others eyes) for when you stop and look you truly realize that we are all created in the image of God. So I believe once more that God’s spirit is in each and every person.

*Don’t be afraid to try. Hannah gave it her best and lived to bless those that knew of her for 2 best days of her life. She loved on us and was loved by us. What’s the worst thing that can happen when you try = Fail. So what….for me the joy, development and maturity came during the process and period when I was trying. Then I thought to my self, What’s the worst that could happen if you continue to try? I have always been afraid of what man (people) would say about me. I have lived under others shadows, all this because I was afraid of what people thought of me… I though the worst a man can do to be because of trying is attempt to kill me and maybe one day they would succeed. Philippians 1:21 For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain. So my response is bring it.

So to Hannah Jane Ngatia your 2 days in this life encouraged, loved and brought more people together than my 33 years of life in this earth. I hope I would be a warrior just like you. Until we meet again “SAVE A PLACE FOR ME”. And say hey to grandmom for us.

This is also an invitation for whoever reads this. Feel free to call, text or email if there is anything in life we can help you with.

Benson Ngatia and Rachelle Ngatia

The funeral for Hannah Jane Ngatia will be on Thursday, May 29th at Mt.Olivet Cemetery (12801 W 44th Ave Wheat Ridge, CO 80333). Viewing is from 8:00-9:00 am. Funeral service begins at 9:00 am. Gravesite will follow the funeral service. Everyone is invited


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