Keep Walking


Kùngania was a household name in his village, though he was known well known further and beyond. He was the village wag, soloist and composer. He was a darling to all, young and old. Though he was not married thanks to his exploits during his hey days as a renowned kitharia (soloist), he never lacked. He wass always a most welcome guest in all homesteads where he would share a meal with the family as they shared a light moment, most of the time leaving the host in stitches of laughter. Occasionally, he would join in and lend a hand in th farm or run errands here and there. Kùngania too had a knack for gossip! What he did not know probably never happened. Whatever landed at his “news desk” was quickly transmitted fast without delay. He was always keen to quote his sources lest it landed him in trouble like it had on numerous occassions in the past. Rugomo village indeed was blessed to have Kùngania. As he grew older, he also grew into the habit of taking a late afternoon walk along the village path. He followed a regular route every day, starting by his gate and ending there. It was like a circuit. Along the wa, he would engage the villagers animatedly as they went about their business. H was particular loved by children because he never missed goodies for them: wild berries guavas, lukwarts or sme “nkabakabu” and even ripe bananas. You would always know Kùngania is passing by for at his sight, all children in the neighbourhood would storm out chanting “Kùngania! Kùngania!” Those with broken toys like wandindi would also bring them a long for repair for Kùngania was a jack of all trades.
On this particul day, Kùngania set off for his daily walk along the vllage path. All was well untill he was three quarters done. He felt so tired and could not continue with his journey. He decided to walk back home. By the time he was arriving home, it was already dark and his legs couldbarely move… he was dog tired.
When he shared his experience of the previous day with a friend, he burst out laughing. He could not get what was so funny until he garthered that the moment he decided to turn back, he had made his evening walk longer than normal by half!

Many of us don’t know how close we were to victory when we decided to turn back, to throw in the towel, to say die!
The moment you stop knocking at that door of opportunities and walk away might be the moment it opens!
Keep searching! Keep knocking! Keep walking! You are about to be rewarded for your persistence!

Keep walking!
By Mawira M’tuamwari


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