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The melodious babbler bird “Ncùngùrìkù” is very popular not only as a delicacy among young boys who hunt it down for its sweet meat, but also as acharacter in many Mìrù fables and proverbs. When the rainy season is nigh and the termites start emerging from their holes, all and sundry celebrate because it is feast time. At the first appearance of the the termites, when just a few are out, perhaps to survey the weather condition or so, the small birds, frogs, lizards and a myriad of insects will normally be seen swarming around the exit point for the termites, scampering and jostling for every termite that rears its head out. There is normally a melee, a near stampede. The melodious babbler bird is known to majestically descend, land and from a distance observe the goings on, filled with disdain contempt, then fly off and perch on a nerby tree mumbling to himself: “Kùrì ciuma ntìrìe”. “I may be hungry but I don’t just eat anything”.
In his wisdom, Ncùngùrikù knows that it is a matter of time before the whole place is saturated with the choisest of the termites. And indeed, after a short while, the termites are all over. By this time however, the little birds, the frogs and company are so tired to take advantage of the bounty. The ncùngùrikù on the other hand is spoilt for a choice as he eats to his fill unperturbed.

So, what is your mantra? Is it “Kùrì ciuma ntìrìe” or anything goes!
You need a promotion, my sister, or good grades and your boss or lecturer wants a roll on the hay…
How do you win this mega deal?

What is your mantra? What do you stand for? I stand for integrity!


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